Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blog 14

Thursday and Friday:

Thursday morning we had our usual group meeting that lasted all morning. I got to hear about all the work that the other students in the lab have been doing. Most of the people have PowerPoint slides that are written in English so I am able to understand what they are working on. It is fascinating to see the incredible work the other students are doing, and humbling to be surrounded by such brilliant people. Below is a large group photo with the names of everyone in the lab.

That afternoon I worked on my PowerPoint slides for my presentation on Friday, and I helped Yuan Shuai with his practice for his TOEFL test. He takes this next week, so he has been working hard to prepare for it. All I had to do was tell him when he mispronounced a word, and then read the passages myself. Most of the Chinese students are able to read and write in English very well. The most difficult part of the test is the speaking portion.
On Friday morning I finished my presentation for later that day, and set up a Chinese bank account with Lei Fan’s help. After lunch I found out we wouldn’t be having the weekly Friday meeting anymore because so many people have final exams this week and next and need the time to study. I was happy about this because it gave me the opportunity to try my first experiment on my own. Yuan Shuai was there to make sure I didn’t electrocute myself my first time trying the experiment. I only used one material instead of two so that I could get used to creating the Taylor cone on my own. Below is a photo of the stable Taylor cone that I made!

Next I hope to encapsulate Rhodamine in a PLGA shell!

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