Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blog 15

Saturday and Sunday:

Saturday was a difficult day for me because the air quality was very bad. When I met with Sarah, the other American girl, earlier this trip she told me to get an app called air quality so I could be informed about how clear the air is. Many people will wear masks around outside when the air quality gets bad. On Saturday the pollution in the air was visible. It looked like there is a fog all around. The sky was grey and the sun couldn’t be seen. The app showed that the air pollution was very high in the “very unhealthy” range on this day, and there were not many people walking around outside. I went to the lab for part of my day, but I spent most of my day indoors because I think it is noticeably harder to breathe when the air is this bad. Hopefully the air will improve soon!

Above shows a screen shot of the application on my phone called air quality. Another student in the lab gave me a mask that I can wear if the air quality begins to be a problem for me.
Above is a photo of the weather on Saturday. Though it is difficult to capture in a photo, there is a blanket of fog everywhere and the sky is a greyish color.

On Sunday the air quality started improve a bit! I went into the lab in the afternoon, and met up with Jiaqi there. We went to pizza hut with two of her friends for dinner before seeing a variety show for their graduation. I was nice to see these girls again because they will also be going on the trip to Zhangjiajie on Friday.

Below is a photo of Jiaqi and I at dinner.

The variety show was held in a large auditorium that was packed with people. There were many different dance teams and skits that were performed. It was very fun to see! At the end there was a slide show about the places that the students will go after graduation. It was definitely a special night for the graduating seniors!
Below is a photo of one of the acts from the variety show!

After a great night with Jiaqi and her friends, I realize how sad I will be when she leaves because she has become a great friend and has helped me so much. It has also made me so excited to go on the trip with her later this week!

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