Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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A goal of mine has always been to travel abroad within my 4 years at Ohio State University.  I have just finished my junior year as a Biomedical Engineering student and I am ecstatic to finally see my goal coming to fruition. I have been given an incredible opportunity to travel to Hefei, China to conduct research in Professor Xu’s laboratory at the University of Science and Technology of China. I would like to say a huge thank you to the OSA Foundation for giving me the opportunity to travel abroad to conduct research. Though I am nervous, I am incredibly excited for what the next few months have in store.  

 I arrived in Hefei late last night and was picked up by two students, Wenqi and Jiaqi, who work in Professor Xu’s Lab. They were incredibly helpful in getting me set up in my room at the guest house on campus. I have a nice room to myself and there is even food served in the building I am staying in! 

Today Professor Xu brought me to his lab where I met the other people that are working there. Everyone has been extremely helpful and welcoming. Most of the people I have met speak English very well, so communication has not been as difficult as I was anticipating. After talking to Professor Xu, it sounds like we will be traveling to Shanghai this weekend to visit an Ophthalmologist at The First People’s Hospital. This should help in narrowing down the focus and goals of my research this summer! 

I have not had a chance to take many photos yet, but I will get some up as soon as I can!



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