Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blog 2

In the lab on Thursday, we began by having a large group meeting. People introduced themselves and the work they are doing in the lab.  During this meeting it was announced that in the meeting next week I will be giving short presentation on the first couple of chapters in a book called Essentials of Writing Biomedical Research Papers.  The book has brought up many interesting points that should help simplify and clarify my writing and the writing of the other students in the lab. 

On Friday I was able to join Professor Xu on a trip to Shuzhou! While he had meetings most of the day, I had the opportunity to travel around and sightsee in the city. The commute from Hefei to Shuzhou only took a couple of hours by high speed train! Once in Shuzhou, we met with Professor Xu’s niece, Xu Wanqing, who traveled with me for the day to act as a translator and to show me around the city. After a delicious lunch, we found a bike carriage that brought us to a place called the Lion Forest Garden. This garden was filled with beautiful rock formations that were created by nature. Though I was unable to understand much of the information, Xu Wanqing gave me the basic idea of what the tour guides were talking about. After this tour we got on a bus and went to a boat tour. This brought us to the silk museum, which was my favorite place to see. We saw demonstrations of how silk was made, and some incredible silk designs. The last tour we went on was to another garden area. This stop had a calligrapher that was giving demonstrations of his artwork.  

After a day full of touring, Xu Wanqing and I were incredibly tired. We met back up with Professor Xu so that we could all go to dinner together. I was so happy we were able to go to Papa Johns because it is my favorite type of pizza back home. It was great to be able to eat some American food because there is not any on campus. After an exhausting day we went back to our rooms to go to sleep. Tomorrow Professor Xu and I will be traveling to Shanghai to visit with an Ophthalmologist!

Above is a picture from the Lion Forest Garden in Shuzhou

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