Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Blog 6

Saturday and Sunday:

Saturday was a very busy and fun day! USTC held an event in which students and families could tour the school. Many USTC students gave science and technology demonstrations and presentations. The students from the lab all met up with Professor Xu at 9:00am and began touring the other facilities. Most of the other people around on this day were middle school and high school students, but for our group it was an opportunity to build relationships with other researchers at the school. Below are a couple of photos from our visits.

In this photo, the two students are competing to get the ball to the other person’s side. By focusing on the ball, the headset will detect brain activity and cause the ball to move towards the competitor’s side.

This is a photo of me playing the game. Unfortunately I played twice and I lost both times!
Above is a photo of the members of the lab singing the alma mater of USTC!

After a long day traveling around the campus Ms. Zhang, a woman who works in the lab, treated me and 4 other students to Pizza Hut for dinner! It was so nice to have some American food. Especially the desert! 

On Sunday I went on a run in the morning, and I went shopping with a couple of other girls in the afternoon. We went to the supermarket to buy some groceries. It was so nice of these girls to take me because I am unable to run simple errands by myself. Afterwards, we went to dinner. This was my first experience eating hot pot. We had a blast and we spent about 2 hours at dinner! Overall, I had a great second week in HeFei and I am excited to see what the next week has in store!

Above is a photo from the hot pot dinner on Sunday night!

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